Concrete Foundation Repair


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    The T-shaped foundation is a solid and stable base for the walls to be built on. The footing will provide more support than what would otherwise happen, so it's important that we build this before anything else. It takes about two days for the concrete in these foundations to set properly, which should give us enough time after laying them down!

    We have the expertise to construct these foundation types using materials such as steel rebar beams for reinforcement of walls facing south where they will be exposed to greater levels of solar radiation due to their position on top over basement windows; this protects the integrity and longevity of your home's exterior wall from potential damage by sunlight exposure.

    It is important to install a foundation for your home that will withstand the seasonal climates. A slab-on-grade type of construction has proven useful in areas where it does not freeze during wintertime, but still provides good insulation and defense against harsh weather conditions.

    This slab of concrete is like a giant rock in the ground. It can be anywhere from 1-3 inches thick and always has reinforcing rods to make it super strong on all sides, making sure that nothing will ever happen to your home or building!

    Every foundation requires a strong, firm base. That's why we always prep the ground before pouring and create our slab on top of crushed gravel. This prevents any cracks from developing in your new concrete as it dries over time by holding up to different weather conditions for years to come!


    The foundation of a building is the pillar that bears its weight, and it's important to protect this area from harsh weather. Frost-protected foundations keep your footing warm which prevents cracks in the concrete and makes sure you're not wasting time fixing them every winter.

    This unique type of structure houses both the interior walls as well as their own thermal protection in order to maintain an even temperature throughout the year without fail. The exterior layer must be installed before pouring concrete while the inner sheet can go on after it has been laid down - just makes sure not to get too close with those trowels because you'll only mess up everything!

    The slab-on-grade foundation type is perfect for areas where the ground freezes more frequently.

    Foundation Durability

    We want you to know that we care about every single detail of your project, and this is the reason for our attention during each phase. No matter what type of foundation you need, or how big it might be; concrete contractors in Fort Worthcan get the job done quickly with outstanding quality.

    Every stage of the project goes through expert planning and has workers with years of experience in multiple fields on hand to ensure that you receive a high-quality foundation.